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The goal

 Do you want to become a consistent starter on AAU/Select Team?  Make a Junior high School Team?  Make a high school team- Freshmen, Junior Varsity or Varsity?  Play D1, D2, D3, Ju Co Basketball?  The institute train students on every level of basketball playing at a high in-game level.  “The goal is easy to reach when others have taken the journey before you” ~ Chris Henson

the plan

6’10 Training Institute trains and assists athletes to reach their full potential in basketball.
Current, former students and parents describe the institute as a 360 mind and body program equipped to push athletes to their highest performance on and off the court.

the results

6’10 continues to mentor and train mentor and train over twenty-plus students in college. This year the institute has three students, who have currently ranked top 30 in the Nation.

6'10 Students At Work

Images, provided by 6'10 students, include students' awards & scholarships.

Popular Programs

Why Training

Basketball is what you do on and off the court. The institute conforms students to the 360 body and mindset for the game on and off the court.

4-12 Grade Students

It’s never to early or late to take your game to the next level. If you are dedicated to the curriculum Chris creates for you, you can achieve your goals.


Students who graduate from the institute continue to train with Chris. He is available for one-on-one training and virtual sessions for out-of-state students. Graduates become certified trainers after college.  

Church Camps

6’10 Training will host basketball camps for church, schools, AAU teams, and other organizations. Also AAU tryouts for organizations. 

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+55 62 99273-3737