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“The goal is easy to reach when others have taken the journey before you.”  –  Chris Henson 

Christopher Henson of 6’10 Institute, LLC, is well known to parents and students as Texas’ best-kept secret in the field of basketball training. Over the past 9 years, Henson has transformed basketball athletes to top performers who have since graduated from the institute and received Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, and Junior College basketball scholarships. scholarships.

Today Henson continues to train only select students. This year, 12 of the institute’s students received college scholarships, and his current students train and play on his AAU team.

Henson, a basketball trainer, mentor, and one of the North Texas Chapter’s referees, is 6’10 and mild-mannered off the court. However, parents and students agree he trains with great intensity. During any session with Henson, you will find him providing students with one-on-one court demonstrations, immediate constructive criticism, and realistic expectations based on that student’s individual needs. His direct approach and immediate corrections are appreciated by parents, who sometimes sideline during training sessions, and the students he trains.

“My son ends every session with Chris drenched with sweat and exhausted, but he is more confident every time,” said Kelly, whose son attends weekly training with Henson. “This has been my best investment. The institute’s skills training is tough and teaches my son basketball skills and so much more.”

Henson and the 6’10 Institute focuses on performance, body enhancement skills, and mentorship. The institute only trains approximately # of students per year. This is by choice and gives Henson time to focus and train students based on their individual skill levels.

Henson, a native of Fort Worth Texas, has always been a self-motivated basketball player.

After graduating from Mansfield Timberview High School, he acquired a Division 1 scholarship to the University of Central Arkansas. At age 23, he was offered his own contract season. Tragedy hit that same year when Henson was injured in a car accident, which left him partially paralyzed. Henson could not run, lift weights, sleep on his back or walk for too long due to injuries, He also could not perform and play basketball

Henson did not let his injury stop him from being involved in basketball. Once fully recovered, he decided to use his talents as well as his personal and professional skills to train and mentor young students. His passion for the sport and innate mentorship skills naturally formed what is now known as 6’10 Training Institute, LLC, whose name mirrors his actual height.

Today Henson continues to train students throughout the entire DFW metroplex and beyond. The institute has helped assist over 18 students in the last two years to the next level, which is college basketball.





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